Unit course- health and social care Level 2

You can take any of the units below as a standard alone course. Each unit normally last between one to three weeks.


 Description Description Description
1Level 2 Arthritis awareness30Level 2 Safeguarding the welfare of children and young people58Level 2 Understand the context of supporting individuals with learning disabilities
2Level 2 Care planning for the care worker31Level 2 Sensory processing, perception and cognition in individuals with autism59Level 2 Understand the factors that can influence communication and interaction with individuals who have dementia
3Level 2 Communication and social interaction in individuals with autism32Level 2 Stroke awareness60Level 2 Understand the importance of effective communication and the management of behaviour that challenges
4Level 2 Consider nutritional needs of a variety of individuals33Level 2 Supply, storage and disposal of medication61Level 2 Understand the initial care of diabetes
5Level 2 Dementia awareness34Level 2 Supporting individuals with autism to live healthy and fulfilled lives62Level 2 Understand the requirements for the safe administration of medication
6Level 2 End of life care and dementia35Level 2 Supporting positive behaviour in individuals with autism63Level 2 Understand the role of reflection and support for those involved in incidents of behaviour that challenges
7Level 2 Explore principles of healthy eating36Level 2 The person-centred approach to the care and support of individuals with dementia64Level 2 Understand the role of the social care worker
8Level 2 Importance of place for early learning37Level 2 The principles of weight management65Level 2 Understand the treatment and management of diabetes
9Level 2 Introduction to autism38Level 2 The value of play to young children66Level 2 Understanding anxiety
10Level 2 Introduction to duty of care in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings39Level 2 Understand behaviour in the context of dementia67Level 2 Understanding attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
11Level 2 Introduction to personalisation in social care40Level 2 Understand behaviour that challenges68Level 2 Understanding bipolar disorder
12Level 2 Introductory awareness of Autistic Spectrum Conditions41Level 2 Understand cardiovascular disease69Level 2 Understanding continence care
13Level 2 Parkinson’s disease awareness42Level 2 Understand diabetes70Level 2 Understanding dementia
14Level 2 Prevention and early intervention of Type 2 diabetes43Level 2 Understand duty of care in adult health and social care71Level 2 Understanding depression
15Level 2 Principles of communication in adult social care settings44Level 2 Understand equality, diversity and inclusion in dementia care72Level 2 Understanding eating disorders
16Level 2 Principles of decontamination, cleaning and waste management in health care settings45Level 2 Understand health and safety in social care settings73Level 2 Understanding mental health
17Level 2 Principles of dignity in adult health and social care practice46Level 2 Understand how to contribute to monitoring the health of individuals affected by health conditions74Level 2 Understanding nutrition and hydration in health and social care settings
18Level 2 Principles of diversity, equality and inclusion in adult social care settings47Level 2 Understand how to handle information in social care settings75Level 2 Understanding obsessive-compulsive disorder
19Level 2 Principles of infection prevention and control in a health care setting48Level 2 Understand how to provide support to manage pain and discomfort76Level 2 Understanding person-centred thinking and planning
20Level 2 Principles of personal development in adult social care settings49Level 2 Understand how to support positive behaviour77Level 2 Understanding phobias
21Level 2 Principles of positive risk-taking for individuals with disabilities50Level 2 Understand how to work in end of life care78Level 2 Understanding post-natal depression
22Level 2 Principles of safeguarding and protection in health and social care51Level 2 Understand loss and grief in end of life care79Level 2 Understanding post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
23Level 2 Principles of supporting an individual to maintain personal hygiene52Level 2 Understand medication and prescriptions80Level 2 Understanding schizophrenia
24Level 2 Principles of supporting individuals with a learning disability to access healthcare53Level 2 Understand person-centred approaches in adult social care settings81Level 2 Understanding stress
25Level 2 Principles of supporting sleep54Level 2 Understand physical disability82Level 2 Understanding the role of the care worker in time of death
26Level 2 Principles of the causes and spread of infection in health care settings55Level 2 Understand safeguarding in adult health and social care83Level 2 Use food and nutrition information to plan a healthy diet
27Level 2 Principles of the importance of personal hygiene and health in the prevention and control of infection in health care settings56Level 2 Understand the administration of medication to individuals with dementia using a person-centred approach84Level 2 Using a person-centred approach to support individuals with autism
28Level 2 Record-keeping and audit processes for medication57Level 2 Understand the benefits of engaging in activities in social care85Level 2 Young children’s development