OCR Using ICT Entry Level Award (Entry 3)

Course overview

You will develop practical skills in using common software applications for a purpose, to operate ICT equipment correctly, safely, and confidently in the use of ICT.

Why choose this course

Using ICT Entry 3 is suitable for all learners and for those who are new to using ICT and who wish to gain accreditation for newly acquired skills.

The length of the course is 5 weeks.

Learners will study the following 

There are no mandatory units, all units are optional. 

Unit 1 Displaying Information Using ICT 

Unit 2 Using ICT to Find Information 

Unit 3 Communicating Information Using ICT  

Unit 4 Producing Charts Using ICT

To achieve this qualification, candidate must achieve a total of 3 units (9 credits). 

Each unit is 3 credits. 

Through online using Google Meet,  Google classroom and Zoom, Moodle Virtual Learning Environment and  classroom.

Externally OCR-set tasks which is internally marked and externally moderated.

There is no entry requirement, but you will be given an initial assessment to determine their level of English and support they will require to complete the course.

At the end of the course, you will achieve a certificate in OCR Entry Level Award in Using ICT (Entry 3). You will progress to qualifications at Level 1 in ICT or you can undertake further studies in other subject areas.

To apply for the course

To apply online To download and complete. Please email the completed form to