Internet Safety

Course overview

This course is designed for you to assist you use internet safely. It provides you with the knowledge and understanding of the risks of using internet and how to safely use what has now become part of the society.

Why choose this course

This internet safety training course is designed to help anyone who uses internet. It is also useful for those supporting vulnerable groups form the risks that vulnerable people encounter by using internet.

The average duration length of the course is 15 hours.

You will study the following 

How to keep your devices (desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones) safe and protecting them from unauthorised access

How to identify and avoid internet scams

How to keep online personal data safe

Through online using Google Meet, Google classroom and Zoom, Moodle Virtual Learning Environment and classroom.

This course is internally set and assessed through practical exercises.

No prior knowledge, understanding, skills or qualifications are required before learners register for this qualification.

At the end of the course, you will achieve Internet Safety certificate from the college. You can progress to Level Entry 3 or Level 1 according to your prior knowledge or qualifications.

To apply for the course

To apply online To download and complete. Please email the completed form to