Functional Skills Qualification in Information Communication Technology (ICT) at Level 2

Course overview

The aim of this course is to develop your knowledge, understanding and skills in ICT which you can apply it in varying day to day tasks. This course gives you an in-depth knowledge, understanding and skills to be able to independently deal with complex, technically demanding ICT tasks as well as well as deal with common routine and non-familiar ICT tasks. The course will allow to: Examine multi-step tasks, break them into components so as to identify and apply the appropriate ICT solutions.

Why choose this course

This is course for those wish to further their skills to solve complex ICT tasks beyond level 1 competency. It is also useful to those in employment who want to develop their skills.

The average duration length of the course is 45 hours.

You will study in more details the following 

Using ICT  involving identifying the ICT requirements for task more complex than those requiring level 1 , planning, selecting the appropriate software. In addition, you will work with files/documents, folders (creating, deleting, naming and moving or copying files to the folders)

minimise the risk of computer viruses 

Finding and selecting information  this involves a more in-depth use of search techniques including search engines to locate information locally from different media as well as web-based search.

Developing, presenting and communicating information – which involves editing, formatting and applying layout techniques, creating tables, inserting graphics and charts which satisfy the needs. You will also learn to create, receive and reply electronic communications with attachment.

Through online using Google Meet,  Google classroom and Zoom, Moodle Virtual Learning Environment and  classroom.

The course is set and externally assessed by a 2 hour either paper-based or on-screen tests.

An equivalent to Entry 3 in any accredited course.

At the end of the course, you will achieve Internet Safety certificate from the college. You can progress to Level 3 courses in ICT.

To apply for the course

To apply online To download and complete. Please email the completed form to