Pearson Edexcel Functional Maths Skills – Level 2

Course overview

This course is designed for you  to develop understanding and skills in mathematics. It gives you  the opportunity to: 
  • demonstrate a sound grasp of the underpinning skills for solving mathematical problems in different situations.
  • achieve the skills for further study at a university. Some universities will even accept a Functional Skills Level 2 qualification in place of a GCSE.
  • achieve a foundation for progression into employment.

Why choose this course

This course is for anyone looking to become confident in their use and application of mathematical knowledge and skills in different situations. It is also for anyone wanting to further studies in any university in the UK.

The average duration length of the course is 55 hours.

You will study in depth the following 

Using numbers where you deal whole numbers to fractions, decimals, and percentages. You will  . You’ll look at how to solve real life problems using these skills like, comparing prices per kilogram/lb, litres/pints, working out amounts of ingredient to produce  similar cakes etc. 

Understanding measure, shape and space  where you will deal with measuring temperature, area , volume, speed or distances around objects

Handling data where you will deal with among others, summarising information, determining average, mean and mode. You will also deal with probability or chances that an event is likely to occur or not.

Through online using Google Meet,  Google classroom and Zoom, Moodle Virtual Learning Environment and  classroom.

This course is assessed through a 115-minutes (One hour and 55 minutes) externally set and marked on-demand examination. There are two components of the assessment. The first one is 

Section A: Non-calculator – 25 minutes

Section B: Calculator – 90 minutes

Mathematical knowledge equivalent to Functional Skills in Mathematics Level is required.

At the end of the course, you will achieve Entry 2 certificate in Functional Skills Maths. You can progress to Level 2 or higher of any course. The qualification qualifies to apply to any university degree course as it a requirement that one must have at least Level 2 in Mathematics.

To apply for the course

To apply online To download and complete. Please email the completed form to